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BUSINESS CITY ‘TEHNOPARK’ is the biggest business center in Western Ukraine

Business City is 7 modern office buildings with an area of over 63,000 sq. m. located on 4 ha of integral territory. By 2017 a new office and entertainment center and the first of two multi­level parking areas will appear here. Also in the near future 4 office buildings will arise ...

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Business City "Tehnopark" fully reflects new demands of modern economic reality when success of a project is determined by its meeting customer needs. Choosing an office within the territory of this Business City, you get rather comfortable, perfectly thought out office with multi­functional infrastructure and convenient location than several square meters... Business city "Tehnopark" is situated between two central arterial roads of Lviv: Gorodotska and Heroiv UPA streets. Such profitable location provides easy access to any place of the city either by car or public transport.



Fundamentally, the main idea of creating of the Business city "Tehnopark" comprises functionality and efficiency of the whole complex that allows to save time and money of tenants. We’ve made as much effort as possible to create the most comfortable conditions to run a business.

Offices in the Business city "Tehnopark" are of «B» and «B +» class that meet modern standards of even the most demanding customers. These are light, spacious offices with new quality epair, air conditioning and heating systems, equipped with all utilities and communications. There is modern security system and building access control. It is also important that within the territory of the complex multi-level parking area for cars and parking place for bicycles are built.

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Among our tenants there are national and international companies that are successfully carrying on their business here during the last few years. Office lease in such complex will promote good reputation and prestige because an office is a business card that makes the first impression of the owner.

We should also mention that not far from our Business City other office and shopping centers are situated. This fact, in turn, increases chances to meet new business partners or customers on the territory of business city "Tehnopark" or near it. And with good neighbors it is easier to manage notable affairs. So welcome to our society!

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